• CISSP CBK 4 – Applications & Systems Development Security

    Database systems and database management Types of databases: – Hierarchical – Mesh – Object-oriented – Relational DBMS / Database Management System A suite of programs used to manage large sets of structured data with ad hoc query capabilities for many types of users. Database: A collection of data stored in a meaningful way that enables…

  • CISSP CBK 3 – Security Management Practices

    Fundamental Principles of Security Security objectives Confidentiality: Provides the ability to ensure that the necessary level of secrecy is enforced. Integrity: Is upheld when the assurance of accuracy and reliability of information and system is provided and unauthorized modification of data is prevented. Availability: Prevents disruption of service of productivity. Definitions Vulnerability: Is a software,…

  • CISSP CBK 2 – Telecommunications & Network Security

    Open System Interconnect Model Protocol – Standard set of rules that determine how systems will communicate across networks. OSI Model             TCP/IP   Application            Application Presentation Session Transport             Host-to-host Network               Internet Data Link             Network Access Physical Each layer adds its own information to the data packet.

  • CISSP CBK 1 – Access Control Systems & Methodology

    Security principles Confidentiality: The assurance that information is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals, programs or processes. Integrity: Information must be accurate, complete and protected from unauthorized modification. Availability: Information, systems and resources need to be available to users in a timely manner so productivity will not be affected. Personal note: Conformity with legislation

  • CISSP Intro

    This starts a series of posts that deals with CISSP CBK (Common Body Knowledge). The summary covers all the ten CBK that are required for the CISSP Exam. One should not use this as a definitive guide in taking the CISSP exam, but rather as an intro to CISSP. All the data is gathered from…