ISO ISMS history

The ISO is developing a new series of security standards, the first of which is ISO 27001, Information Technology—Security Techniques— Information Security Management Systems—Requirements. ISO 27001 replaces British Standard (BS) 7799, Part 2. BS 7799, Part 1 evolved into ISO 17799, Information Technology—Security Techniques—Code of Practice for Information Security Management and is now known as ISO 27002. Definitive plans are not yet available; however, tentative plans for additional ISO security standards in the 27000 numbering series include ISO 27003, covering security implementation guidance; ISO 27004, for metrics and measurements; and ISO 27005, covering risk management.

Certification against these ISO standards is only defined for ISO 27001, that is, an organization may be certified ISO 27001 compliant. ISO 27001 describes how to build what ISO calls an ISMS. An ISMS is a process to create and maintain a management system for information security. ISO 27001 references details from ISO 27002 and describes how to apply the ISO 27002 security controls; however, the organization is not ISO 27002 certified. By virtue of using ISO 27002 and adhering closely to the guidelines therein, an organization may claim to be ISO 27002 compliant, but without official recognition of this claim via certification.