Hacking the Wii remote control

You know that sensation when you are ready to make that winning move but the Wii Remote is thinking otherwise and refuse to move as you intended? I feel the same and I had strong bad feelings about my controller(s). You might have noticed that I never considered that it might be my lack of skills, the controller is always to be blamed! And I keep changing them.

My feelings for the Wii Remote changed after I saw what Johnny Lee can do with it:

  • Tracking Your Fingers
  • Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards
  • Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays

It’s pretty impressive for a 15$ piece of hardware and some additional components that you can get for a couple of bucks. Not to mention that if you already have the Wii console, it’s free.

Johnny published all the software on his site so that you can replicate (and maybe extend?) his work.

He delivered a presentation at TED demonstrating some of his work: