Enabling DD-WRT web interface from SSH

With this article we’re starting a new category regarding DD-WRT and micro-embedded devices.

I’ve been using DD-WRT (and other variants as Open-WRT, Tomato, etc. depending on the device) for quite a while and every now and then I need to re-enable the web-interface from the command line. For instance I found the web-interface not responding even thou it was enabled so I wanted to reinitialize it. Just log in via SSH (we all know Telnet is bad, right?) and do the following.

Stopping the web interface from SSH (if it is enabled):

nvram set httpd_enable=0
nvram set http_enable=0
killall httpd

Starting the web interface and setting the parameters (the long and safer version):

nvram set remote_management=1
nvram set http_wanport=8080
nvram set httpsd_enable=1
nvram set https_enable=1
nvram set remote_mgt_https=1
nvram commit

So now just point your browser to https://your_public_ip:8080.

Notice we enabled https for remote management. Feel free to use any port you like and if you’re a fan of security thru obscurity you might want to use an unassigned port from IANA.