Intercepting custom communication protocols in Windows 7

Actually, the title should have been: “Don’t feel lucky and go beyond the first result in a Google search”. I’ve been using EchoMirage for some time but apparently I’ve been using the wrong one. Because when you search for it in Google you normally click the first link. Right? Wrong!

Password policies in Windows

To access the password policy in Windows just go to Start and type in the search box secpol.msc. Click on secpol and you’ll be presented with the security policy. Go to Account Policies, then click on Password Policy. The options, explained: History – how many passwords will Windows store (you won’t be able to reuse… Continue reading Password policies in Windows

Install a clean Debian on Virtualbox

I don’t test my ‘ideas’ on live servers, nor do I keep unnecessary hardware around the house to play with them. So I use the other option in hand, a virtual machine. Despite the fact that this will be a VM installation of Debian, the idea for a very clean and basic installation is the… Continue reading Install a clean Debian on Virtualbox