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  • The revised and compressed OWASP Top 3 Web Application Vulnerabilities

    The revised and compressed OWASP Top 3 Web Application Vulnerabilities

    I love Top 10s. They’re everywhere and about everything: Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Neanderthals, Top 10 Crazy Bridal Preparation Customs, Top 10 Alleged Battles Between Humans And Aliens, etc. But my question was always: why 10? Why not 11? Or 9. Or whatever else? I guess 10 sounds more important than 11 or 9. It’s the decimal system, 10…

  • Short URLs are Harmful for Cloud Data Sharing

    Short URLs are Harmful for Cloud Data Sharing

    I was never a big fan of sharing cloud data through a unique link, rather than nominating the specific people that can access the data. To me it feels like security through obscurity. It looks something like this: https://{cloud_storage_provider}/?secret_token={some_unique_token} All the security of this model relies in the randomness and length of the secret token.…

  • Updating Kali Linux from behind a restrictive proxy

    I installed Kali Linux from the mini ISO, so I ended up with a fully functioning Linux system but with little to no tools (just nmap and ncat). In order to install the tools that are making Kali what it is, I had to install the metapackages. For me, the easiest option was to install all of…

  • http vs https performance

    A while ago I had a huge argument with a development team regarding the usage of https. Their major concern was that the impact on performance would be so big that their servers wouldn’t be able to handle the load. Their approach was to use https just for the login sequence and plain text communication…

  • Lock-picking, lock-pickers and hacking

    I’ve never been that much into lock-picking myself, never quite got too excited by the subject. Until I’ve seen this guy and his awesome presentation. You feel like taking the tools and start practicing on your front door after seeing this. Or on your neighbors door, depending on your preferences and where you want to…

  • Defcon – the movie

    Like Hangover with geeks

  • Does it pay to be a BlackHat hacker?

    Dan VASILE @DefCamp Bucharest 2013

  • Hacking the WordPress Ecosystem

    I delivered a speech at OWASP Romania InfoSec Conference 2013 in Bucharest (I took part in the organization of the event as well). Dan Catalin Vasile – Hacking the WordPress Ecosystem from Dan Catalin VASILE

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