CISSP CBK 3 – Security Management Practices

Fundamental Principles of Security Security objectives Confidentiality: Provides the ability to ensure that the necessary level of secrecy is enforced. Integrity: Is upheld when the assurance of accuracy and reliability of information and system is provided and unauthorized modification of data is prevented. Availability: Prevents disruption of service of productivity. Definitions Vulnerability: Is a software,… Continue reading CISSP CBK 3 – Security Management Practices

CISSP CBK 2 – Telecommunications & Network Security

Open System Interconnect Model Protocol – Standard set of rules that determine how systems will communicate across networks. OSI Model             TCP/IP   Application            Application Presentation Session Transport             Host-to-host Network               Internet Data Link             Network Access Physical Each layer adds its own information to the data packet.

CISSP CBK 1 – Access Control Systems & Methodology

Security principles Confidentiality: The assurance that information is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals, programs or processes. Integrity: Information must be accurate, complete and protected from unauthorized modification. Availability: Information, systems and resources need to be available to users in a timely manner so productivity will not be affected. Personal note: Conformity with legislation