More 3D printing: fixing a broken car key

I’ve been told that my 3D printing hobby is not practical in the real world. And it’s mostly true. That’s why it’s a hobby.

However, I managed to solve an otherwise costly problem.

Due to domestic accidents (don’t ask), the hook of the detachable car key of the Suzuki Swift can break. With a 3D printer and a heat source we can fix that problem easily.

The problem

Measurements, SketchUp, a nice logo and we have a model ready to be printed.

3D model ready to be printed
The actual print

The tricky bit was to insert the metal part in the 3d printed part, pliers and the gas cooker were helpful in the process. I heated the metal part and carefully inserted it. During the cooling process, the metal part got fixed in the plastic cap.

Ready for heating and insertion

And the final result

If you have the same problem and more importantly the same car, I posted the model on Thingiverse.